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AGM’s well-trained technical staff work one-on-one with you in determining the best approach to apply to your unique process control requirements


It’s all about controlling processes and data connectivity. And it doesn’t matter what the process is... whether the required function is to isolate, amplify, convert, transmit, collect, visualize, interface with a process variable, control the process or both, AGM have the products

Indoor or Outdoor

In a temperature-controlled building or on a pole subjected to the heat of the summer or the frigid temperatures that winter brings, AGM products are designed to survive

24/7 Support

Utilizing the latest data networking apps and providing personnel all the tools to be available to help you in any way, at any time

Solutions not Problems

AGM support team is comprised of people that possess a passion for ensuring that all your needs are met from the time of determining what products to use for your application until the product is installed, functioning and beyond

Solutions not Problems

If you think that you have an unusual requirement for a product that doesn't exist, you will be surprised what AGM can do for you - Give us a call or send an email...

Your Need...

AGM products and services are all about data connectivity and controlling processes.

And it doesn’t matter what the process is... whether the required function is to isolate, amplify, convert, transmit, collect, visualize, interface with a process variable, control the process or both, AGM has the solution.

Variability, functionality, and flexibility ensures that there is a product that will meet any of your exacting process control needs.





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Application Examples


You know what process you want to interface with and control. But do you know what you need to accomplish that goal? AGM can help…

You tell us what you are wanting to do, and we will ask you a series of questions.

Then, based on your answers, we provide you various solutions.

AGM’s System includes an element that is dedicated to Project Development, Management and Control.

The Project Management element includes a structure for the creation, collection, storage, recall and distribution of all information for all projects. This element includes the conduit that AGM Support personnel use to efficiently and effectively respond to all project related queries in real-time.

As a result of the AGM System structure, it doesn’t matter what the scale of the project is. Whether the application is provide optical signal isolation between two process control elements such as a Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) and a Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) or to develop a Multi-Site control and interface system, AGM can help.
To learn more about how AGM System can support you, please contact us.
System Integrators and Contractors are many times the End Users best friend. This is because they are usually local and are trusted to perform control and interface system installation, start-up and on-going services.

AGM understands this and therefore has designed a System that insures that no matter what phase a project is in, AGM Support personnel are available to answer any questions and provide real-time assistance and off-the-shelf product deliveries 24/7.
For System Integrators and Contractors Support includes –

Easy to follow installation and start-up documentation
As-built documentation
7-Year transferrable product warranty
Free start-up and commissioning support 24/7
Remote start-up Diagnostics (when applicable)
Off-the-shelf product delivery
To learn more about how AGM System can support you, please contact us or click here to learn about becoming an Approved Local Provider (ALP).
Both small and large customers have come to realize the value of AGM’s System. They know, at no charge to them, they can contact AGM anytime and immediately get answers to questions regarding any in-place AGM products or get suggestions on what products to use for a new application.
End User Support includes –

7-Year Product Warranty
Free Technical Support 24/7
Remote Diagnostics (when applicable)
Product Inventory and Supply Management
Off-the-shelf inventory
To learn more about the ways the AGM System can support you, please contact us.
The Market provides the criteria for what products AGM will develop and offer. Because the requirements are always changing and evolving, so are AGM products.

AGM’s System includes the tools and structure to effect rapid product prototyping to market-ready results.
OEM Support includes –

Product Development and Design
Private Product Numbering and Labeling
Engineering, Installation and User Documentation
Product Inventory and Supply Management
Educational Materials as required
To discuss your current application needs, please contact us.

About Us

AGM was founded in 1970 with headquarters and manufacturing facilities in Tucson, Arizona USA and resellers located throughout the world. Our products are used in -

  • Water and Waste Water Treatment Plants
  • Sewage Lift Stations
  • Potable Water Distribution Systems
  • Electrical Power Generating, Transmission and Distribution Facilities
  • Mining and Excavation Operations
  • Pulp and Paper Manufacturing Facilities
  • Water Sprinkler and Irrigation Systems
  • Environmental Impact Studies
  • Homeland Security

We believe good management has been the key to our success...

  • 1 Sales and Service

    The management of sales and service are under engineering control and directed toward flexible response with emphasis on a "low interference" style of administrative control.

  • Technical management focuses on a strong engineering discipline in design and the subsequent analysis of field results.

  • Production and test management policies are conducted through the use of a detailed and thorough documentation system structured by quality and reliability standards.

  • Fiscal management is directed toward conservative business principles and practices.

Frequently Asked Questions

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The application of AGM products is virtually limitless in scope and possibilities. New requirements are continuously evolving. So, whether your application is to convert a DC signal to another or control a device based on a sophisticated control algorithm, our Support team is available anytime to work with you in selecting the appropriate product to meet your specific application needs.


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