Data Controller (DC)

  • Overview

    The All In One...

    The DATA CONTROLLER provides the ultimate in remote site data acquisition, data processing, control and interface versatility and flexibility.

    The DATA CONTROLLER is easily configured for use as a stand-alone controller, site to site or site to multi-site data telemetry system, or data concentrator using multiple DATA CONTROLLERs.

    Whether you need a Data Logger, Controller, Data Concentrator, Annunciator, Converter, Data Telemetry Systemn, Protocol Translator or Port Switch the Data Controller is the product to do the job.

    Analog and Discrete IO - RS232 - RS485 - Ethernet - WEB Server ...

  • Simplified Configuration: Select from a list of commonly used built-in functions, use your WEB browser to configure custom functions, or program sophisticated algorithms using AGM's scripting language.  

    I/O in a Small Package: Various product package options offer up to 8 analog and 8 discrete inputs and outputs in a single 3.0" X 1.4" X 2" package. The DATA CONTROLLERs can be mixed and matched to meet the total input and output requirements.

    Multiple Ports: The DATA CONTROLLER provides a number of communication interface options and network configuration possibilities using the available RS485, RS232C and Ethernet ports.

    Hermetically Sealed: Because the DATA CONTROLLER is completely "potted" in silicon rubber, it is impervious to the elements commonly found in harsh environments.

    WEB Page Server:  When connected to an Ethernet based network, viewing field data is as easy as using your WEB browser either by using the existing pages or your custom pages.

    Multiple Protocols:  Adding remote data acquisition and control to existing SCADA systems is easy using built-in communication protocol options.

  • Physical -

    ·   Dimensions:

    o  (AUX) 3 inches x 1.4 inches x 2.7 inches

    o  (DIN) 3 inches x 1.4 inches x 3.5 inches

    ·   Mounting: Bulkhead, DIN

    ·   Connections:

    o  RS-232, Male 9 Pin Subminiature D connector

    o  RS-232, RS-485, Female 9 Pin Subminiature D connector

    o  RS-232 / RS-485 software selectable

    o  Power, Analog, Digital I/O, Wire Range 28 - 14 AWG

    o  Ethernet, RJ45

    ·   Indicators:

    o  Fail (Red)

    o  Power (Green)

    o  TX (Yellow) activity, 1 per RS232/RS485 (3 Total)

    o  RX (Yellow) activity, 1 per RS232/RS485 (3 Total)

    o  Ethernet Link

    o  Ethernet Activity


    Electrical -

    ·   Supply Voltage: 11 to 30 VDC

    ·   Current draw: Nominal 250 mA max

    ·   Analog Inputs:

    o  4/20 mADC via 250 Ohm resistor, 1-5 VDC

    o  Resolution 12 bits

    ·   Analog Outputs:

    o  4/20 mADC

    o  Resolution 12 bits

    ·   Digital Inputs: Dry contact closure

    ·   Digital Outputs: Dry contacts

    ·   RS232/RS485 baud rate: 9600 Default, 1200, 19200

    ·   Ethernet: 10baseT

    ·   CPU: Industrial Hardened Microcontroller

    ·   Real Time Clock: Perpetual

    ·   Ports Interface:

    o  Port A, RS-232

    o  Port B, RS-232

    o  Port 4, RS-485

    o  Port T, Ethernet TCP/IP

    ·   Messaging:

    o  Built-in message displays single user selectable value

    o  Custom message can display any or all of the 32 defined translation values

    o  Message may be initiated on a user defined interval or event

    o  Single value only


    Environmental -

    ·   Operating Temperature: -30 to 80 degrees C

    ·   Operating Humidity: 5 to 95%


    Warranty -

    ·   7-Years, Transferable

  • Product Function
    Data Controller

    Model Nbr
    Image *
    Product Pwr
    Price (USD)
    Data Controller (2 AIO, 4 DIO)
    12-30 VDC
    Data Controller (2 AIO, 4 DIO)
    12-30 VDC
    Data Controller (4 AIO, 2 DIO)
    12-30 VDC
    Data Controller (4 AIO, 2 DIO)
    12-30 VDC

    Legend (PDF Documents) : W-Wiring Diagram, D-Description, O-Operation, C-Calibration, S-Specifications, M-Manual

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  • The following table is a compilation of a few of the many applications that the AGM Data Controller (DC) can be applied to.

    If you have an application that you are uncertain as to whether or not the Data Controller is the correct product to apply, contact AGM's Technical Support Team and they will work with you to insure that the correct product is selected for your design requirements.
       Functional Use Application Examples
    1 Remote Data Logging  Mandated EPA SIte Remediation Self Monitoring
    2 Control Tank Level or Line Pressure, Multi-Channel Pump Control System
    3 Data Concentrator Cascade the DC's to access as many remote site Analog and Discrete signals as your system requirements may need
    4 Converter Access 3rd party MODBUS  only devices and convert variables to Analog and Discrete Signals
    5 Field Data Telemetry Send and receive Analog and Discrete signals between two or more remote sites
    6 Data Interface Provide plant or facility wide access to process data using any WEB browser
    7 Calculator Perform Mass Flow, BTU and Rate of Flow caculations
    8 Protocol Translation Communicate between various devices that use different protocols such as MODBUS and AB Ethernet/IP
    9 Port Switch Convert MODBUS RS232 to MODBUS over Ethernet
    Note - AGM will also work with you to develop and supply Total Turn-Key solutions. Contact Us
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