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Product Numbering and Identification Overview


Anatomy of the AGM Product Number

Due to the tremendous variability, flexibility and possibilities of AGM product applications, the following product numbering system has been developed to facilitate the specifying and ordering of AGM products.

Specifying and ordering can be as simple as just providing the description as described below (DDD) or for OEM and Consulting Engineering requirements it may be preferred to use a specific part number.

(CCC) (AAA) (PPP) (MMMM) – (TTT) (DDD)

(CCC): Class = A two or three character identifier that specifies which class the product belongs to

EG = SC - Signal Conditioner, DH - Data Handler


Acronym = A two or three  character abbreviation of the description

of the product
EG = RTT - Resistance Temperature Transmitter


Package/Enclosure - A one, two or three  character identifier that describes the product enclosure or package style

EG = DIN - DIN Rail Mounting, AUX - Bulk Head Mounting, NEM - NEMA IV

Rated enclosure
(MMMM): Model - A four digit number that specifies the model of the product within a class of products

EG = 4000 - DC to DC Converter, 5000 - Pulse duration Transmitter

(TTT): Type = A one, two or three numeric and/or character identifier that describes the input, output and specific functional characteristics of the model

EG = 4034-17F - Single High Alarm with Inverse Relay Action, 4000-5 - DC to Dual DC Optically Isolated Signal Isolator

(DDD): Description = A verbal description describing the input, output, power, functional requirements and package/assembly/enclosure options of the product

EG = 0/10 mVDC Input, 4/20 mADC output, 115 VAC, ratio adjust from 0 to 100 with 4 digit push button potentiometer integrally mounted in the enclosure, NEMA 1

Overall Example: SC ACT PTA4001-1,  0/10 VAC Input, 4/20 mADC output, 220 VAC, 50 HZ
  SC = Signal Conditioner
ACT = Alternating Current Transmitter
PTA = NEMA 1 Enclosure Assembly
4001 = AC to DC Converter
-1 = AC Voltage

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